RIP-IT Drop Ten Air (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat

RIP-IT Drop Ten Air (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat

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RIP-IT Drop Ten Air (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat

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  • R2 composite is designed for exceptional performance through an unprecedented number of layers that are both thinner and stronger
  • Harmonic barrel is designed to channel and amplify specific performance frequencies created when a ball makes contact with a composite bat
  • Powerful and remarkable balanced, AIR Technology means faster swing speeds, better bat control, and incredible power
  • The ridges of the Ridge Grip were designed to act like memory foam and mold uniquely to your hand
  • Balanced weight balance
  • 2 1/4" barrel diameter
  • Legal for ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, High School, and NCAA

Customer Reviews


The bat was very solid and even when I did not exactly hit it in the sweet spot it did not vibrate my hands.

Review by Kayla sok (Posted on 11/5/13)
Fell in love

I only took a couple of swings with this bat and I absolutely fel in love with it. Anywhere you hit the ball on this bat it provides a great pop in the ball and an amazing amount of power . I recommend this bat 100%

Review by Diamonds (Posted on 11/5/13)
Great experience

The bat felt really balanced and I enjoyed using it !

Review by Aja Nunn (Posted on 11/5/13)
Incredible balance

The bat felt lighter and I felt I could really swing through the ball and had a lot of pop to it so I could hit it hard. This bat was very smooth and felt easy to swing I liked how the weight was in the handle and that it had more layers to it to really get the barrel through the zone.

Review by Kiara Pfeifer (Posted on 11/5/13)

This bat was awesome!! I couldn't tell between the end of the barrel, the inside, or the middle. It always felt like I was hitting the sweet spot. I loved the pop sound that it gave, and it felt like it was really shock absorbent. The grip was perfect to where I would never let the bat go and mess up my swing. Loved it.

Review by Davis Kuhlman (Posted on 11/5/13)
Love the sweet spot. Huge!!

This bat had amazing pop. Even if you did not hit the ball closer to the handle or the end of the bat it still popped good and had no sting. The other thing is the weight was distributed evenly and it was not end heavy.

Review by Lindsay Rule (Posted on 11/5/13)
Better than my DeMarini

I own a DeMarini and I was convinced that I had the best bat out there until I tired the rip it. I was very shocked to find that when I hit the ball off the end of the bat I couldn't tell. ÊThe bat has a very good grip on it. I am very picky but I found that this bat fit my criteria. ÊThe bat is also very attractive in its appearance. ÊThis bat has a very good pop to it which I could really tell when I hit. I loved this bat and it was a very positive experience:)

Review by Stuart Buxton (Posted on 11/5/13)
Best Bat Out There

I think the RIP-IT is the best choice for any softball player looking to hit at their fullest poitential! When I picked up the RIP-IT the first thing I realized was the soft easy to handle grip on the bat. The next thing I realized was when I was swinging it didn't matter where i hit it on the bat I couldn't feel a thing. Another thing I realized was when I swang the bat it was lighter than my normal bat but I got twice as much power from the RIP-IT. All in all if I had to recommend a bat for any softball player it would be the RIP-IT.

Review by Katlin anders (Posted on 11/5/13)
Buy this bat

Love love love! Has a very good pop to it and good weight distribution. I swung a 33 in 23 oz and it felt like nothing. Absolutely would recommend.

Review by Megan Van Allen (Posted on 11/5/13)

It's the bottom of the seventh and the bases are loaded. The game is tied and the pressure is all on me. Sweat rolls down my face into my shades. I step into the batters box after carefully cleaning my glasses. The smell of dirt, confidence, and pride permeate the air around the pitcher. She thinks she has me in the bag. the though makes me laugh. The lights are almost blinding and the battle is almost won I look the pitcher strait in the eyes, my proverbial Goliath. She pitches her first pitch STRIKE.. a little inside but that's ok. She pitches the next one I fowl it of over the right field fence. Now it's down to a final pitch. She is glaring at me her confidence and cockiness annoys me. The next pitch I can see by the turn of her wrist its a change up. I follow it in and off the bat it cracks with a mighty blow up up up going going going its gone I jog around the bases knowing I won it for my team. After almost getting a concussion from all the girls pounding my helmet. I pick up my sling shot my winner my partner in crime rip it bat. Without it my team would have lost without it batting isn't the same. Thanks rip it for that home run and all the ones to come. A true story from every girl who is gonna buy this bat!!!!!

Review by Coral Critzer (Posted on 11/5/13)
Love the look

I really liked the pop the ball had off the bat. The bat had a great grip that made it easy to swing even with out batting gloves. I also like the colors and look of the bat, which is always important in girls fast-pitch softball.

Review by McKenzie Surface (Posted on 11/5/13)
Light and powerful

This bat is both light weight and easy to swing. The grip of this bat molds to your hand for a no-slip grip allowing you to follow through and send that ball to the outfield. The Air technology creates a feeling of ease and comfort when you hit the ball. The design of this bat will make a difference in your slugging percentage and your confidence up at the plate.

Review by Trisha Turner (Posted on 11/5/13)
Good Balance and Grip

Great bat. Has a good grip and weight distribution

Review by Courtney banes (Posted on 11/5/13)
Light and strong

Hi! I really like the feel of the rip it bat. ÊThe grip feel really comfortable and it feel good when the bat comes off the bat. ÊThe pop on the bat feels really strong for it being a brand new bat and swinging it feels so natural and easy. ÊIt feels light but has a lot of strength.

Review by Ateisha Norton (Posted on 11/5/13)
Unique Style

The Rip It bat had a very unique style. Unlike other bats, this bat has only one part instead of two. I liked how easy it was to swing the bat and it was not heavy. I thought that hitting the top of the bat made my hands sting but, overall the bat felt pretty good.

Review by Emily Ingles (Posted on 11/5/13)
Very cosistent

I liked the bat. I hit all line drives and the swing felt smooth.

Review by Lauren Thuss (Posted on 11/5/13)

The Rip It bat definitely made me feel like I had a solid swing. Don't tell my coach, but I like it more than our Mizuno bats. :D

Review by Stephanie Garcia (Posted on 11/5/13)
Fast and Powerful

I felt like the bat had extraordinary pop in it. The weight was great I love how easy it was to swing!!!!

Review by BriAnna Wilson (Posted on 11/5/13)
Very Fast

I like the bat. It's light and it feels like its extremely solid. Overall the bat seems better than any other bat I've swung.

Review by Emily Nguyen (Posted on 11/5/13)
Balanced and smooth

I thought this bat was great! It felt so smooth to swing.

Review by Katelyn Johnson (Posted on 11/5/13)
Loved the bat!

Loved the bat! Solid contact, and a very squishy comfortable grip! My swing felt great!

Review by Madisyn Sheppard (Posted on 11/5/13)
Feels great

The bat felt great in my hands.

Review by Cait krenz (Posted on 11/5/13)

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