DeMarini Postgame Shield Adult Tee Shirt
DeMarini Postgame Shield Adult Tee Shirt
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Fastpitch Softball Bats

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Fast Pitch Softball Bats

Choosing the right fastpitch softball bat is crucial! At HomerunMonkey.comâ„¢, our goal is to provide you with the perfect bat to suit your level and skill. In fastpitch softball, bats are designed with a long barrel to be more forgiving. Batters generally try to swing the longest bat that they can control because more plate coverage increases the chance of contact. However, longer bats leave batters vulnerable to inside pitches and fast pitching.

When choosing the weight for a fastpitch softball bat, it is important to go with a weight that is similar to what you are already using so that you do not face a drastic change in your swing. If you are just starting out, or want a second opinion on your choice of length and weight, check out our bat buying guide.

No matter your choice of size, we carry the best fast pitch softball bats from top makers like Anderson, Combat, DeMarini, Easton, Louisville Slugger, Miken, Mizuno, Rawlings and Worth. Make your #1 resource for all your fastpitch softball equipment needs.