Adult Baseball Bats

  1. Easton S3 Power Brigade BB13S3 (-3) Adult Baseball Bat

  2. Marucci Team Alloy Orange BBCOR (-3) Adult Baseball Bat

  3. Marucci Team Alloy Red BBCOR (-3) Adult Baseball Bat

  4. Rawlings Plasma BBCOR (-3) Adult Baseball Bat

    Rawlings Plasma BBPLMA BBCOR (-3) Adult Baseball Bat

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  5. Mattingly Demon BBCOR (-3) Adult Baseball Bat

  6. Easton Reflex BBCOR BX81 (-3) Adult Baseball Bat

  7. Easton Typhoon BB13TY (-3) Adult Baseball Bat

Adult Baseball Bats

Understanding the weight-to-length ratio is important to know when choosing the right bat. Simply subtract the number of ounces from the length inches to get your ratio. A -3 ratio is the size that must be used in high school, college, and adult league games. Another important thing to remember is that as of January 2012, all high school and college bats must have the new BBCOR stamp on it. To find out more on what to look for when purchasing your next bat, look at our bat buying guide.