Youth Batting Gloves

Note: Batting Gloves are sold in pairs unless otherwise noted.

Youth Baseball Batting Gloves

Competition is fierce these days, even in youth leagues. Pitchers are being trained longer and harder and their pitches are coming at batters at a much higher speed. Although the use of batting gloves is not mandatory at any level of play in baseball, they are an essential part of youth baseball equipment. Batting gloves can be worn either on one or both hands and provide the comfort, improved grip and shock absorption that your little batter needs to have an advantage every time he/she bats.

Many children fear their turn to bat because they have felt the sting before off the bat from a bad pitch. The last thing you want to do is send them to the plate with anything less than full confidence. Baseball batting gloves protect hands and allow the batter to swing away knowing that the shock and vibration will be absorbed by the glove.