DeMarini Postgame Shield Adult Tee Shirt
DeMarini Postgame Shield Adult Tee Shirt
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Batting Helmets

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Batting Helmets

A batting helmet is the protective headgear worn by batters in the game of baseball or softball. It is meant to protect the batters head from wild pitches thrown by the pitcher. A batter who is ”hit by pitch”, due to a wild pitch, may be seriously or even fatally injured.

In 1907, the first batting helmet was created by Roger Bresnahan after being struck on the head by a ball during a game. A batting helmet covers the back, top, and sides of the head, and at least one ear whether you are a right or left handed batter. Whichever ear faces the pitcher, is the one that is covered. Batting helmets that cover both ears are common too, mostly worn by ‘switch hitters’ in the Major Leagues. These helmets are mandatory in the minor leagues. It wasn’t until 1971, that batting helmets became mandatory in the major leagues.

Batting helmets come in a variety of styles, colors and models. Helmet accessories include helmet shields, softball and baseball face masks & face guards, decal kits & stickers, chin straps, hardware kits and fence helmet hanging bags.