Rawlings Gold Glove Bull Pro Taper GGB1103 11
Rawlings Gold Glove Bull Pro Taper GGB1103 11" Baseball Glove
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All-Star BBPRO2 Bag w/Wheels

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All-Star BBPRO2 Bag w/Wheels

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Item #: MS1103149

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  • Five inner compartments to hold helmet accessories, glove, shoes and even a complete set of catcher's gear
  • Large angled outer compartment holds up to four bats
  • Reinforced bottom prevents bag from sagging while being rolled
  • 36" L x 12" W x 15" H

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Customer Reviews

Stitching Issues

By RaiderFan

Bag has lots of room for gear and bats but the stitching came apart at the zipper after 6 weeks. Contacted All Star for a replacement bag. Will hopefully get it soon because it is a nice bag overall.

Terrible stitching

By gunner

Bought this bag and stitching has come apart from the zipper in less than 6 weeks. I will be contacting All Star for a replacement bag.

Great bag except for the weak stitching.

Won't last 6 months

By elbrowno

Stitching started falling apart at 6 months. Useless by 7 months. And I've been pretty careful with it. But this sort of quality seems to be the norm these days, no matter the brand or price range.

Decent bag for the price.

By E I j

I bought this bag as a replacement for my sons no E2 catchers bag which he had for about 2 years and cost more than double the price of the all star bag. He had the bag for a couple of months and the stitching around the zipper broke. I called all star and they had great customer service and sent a replacement right away. This bag is very good for the price and hopefully they can get the stitching problem corrected and this could be one of the better bags out there.

No bag is perfect, but this one is pretty good...

By Late in the Game

A previous review said the stitching was poor. We haven't experienced that yet and have gone through 5months (one spring season) already. Gear bags for catchers take some pretty rough abuse. Life span for us seems to be about 2 years at the most. The last bag we had had a pretty flimsy bottom, so we were looking for something with a sturdier bottom panel. This All-Star bag is big, very comfortably holds all the catcher's gear plus the batting helmet. Bats go on the side pocket, which was okay with my lil' catcher. Note that there are no partitions or compartments on the inside of this bag, mainly just a big space for the gear with some small pockets along one side. One pocket can hold the catchers mitt, some baseballs, the pads from the catcher's gear, maybe some bags of sunflower seeds, but that's about it. If you like a more segmented bag, this might not work for you. But my catcher would rather just throw everything in the bag and not worry about it. The bottom panel is quite sturdy, 2-part construction, so the bag can fold. The wheels seem sturdier than our other bag as well. The only thing that could have been better was the zippers for the bag. Could have been more heavy duty. I like the two handles on the bag, makes getting it into the car a whole lot easier. We'll see how they hold up over this season and a Little League and Traveling team.

Good for a week


I bought this bag thinking it was good but this is the worst bag I have ever bought . I have had it a week and the stitching all started to come out. I call Allstar and they said they would send another one and three weeks later I have not seen it yet! So I call them back today and they said it was on back order till end of April before they would get me a replacement. So now I am going to have to buy another till it gets here and I promise you after this, it won't be Allstar. I will go back to the Easton bag first.