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All Star S7 MVP Traditional Catcher's Mask

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All Star S7 MVP Traditional Catcher's Mask

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  • The FM4000’s design is inspired by the MVP2500 and MVP4000 cages, which are known for offering the absolute best vision and deflective properties
  • This single bar face mask features a strong vertical center bar right in the front/center of the mask, positioned in such a way to make it virtually invisible when worn
  • The curved forehead bar allows more padding to come into contact with the catcher’s skull cap, making the mask more stable on a catcher’s head and helps absorb more impact
  • Comes with machine washable/moisture wicking LUC style padding

Age Group: Adult, Gender: Men's, Position: Catcher, Sport: Baseball

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Customer Reviews

Would Recommend


I have been playing ball for 25+ years and catching for 20 of those. Needless to say, I have had my fair share of equipment through all levels of the game. If you are a younger catcher starting out, stay away from the full hockey masks and start with a traditional. This will instill good blocking habits with head position (keeping chin down for protection and following the ball). I also do not write hardly ANY reviews but this product deserves it.

When I received the mask it I thought it was a joke. It is so light I thought it was plastic, no kidding. Even did the bite test on the frame! The frame is solid and the vision is unparalleled even when comparing to All-Stars own models, including the titanium. The web strapping system really does work better than the traditional style and keeps everything firmly in place.

I have had this mask for a full season and it has held up perfectly. The padding, just like all masks, is solid but loosens up a bit after some use. The shock of the straight shot to the face is dampened extremely well with this mask. Just took one yesterday that would have rung my bell with other masks.

Wherever I play, other teams / friends use it for an inning then turn around and go buy one. It really is a great product. Lighter than the titanium, shaped really well and durable. Would recommend to anyone.

On a side note, if you're rocking a goatee or for the younger peach fuzz audience, the padding will grab ya a little on the chin. Great breathability = holes in padding = seldom but does happen hair pulls. Man up!

Couldn't recommend it theory

By DarkRay

I'm a bit of a gear junkie and I'm hoping that a friend will come thru for a Nike titanium mask any day soon. With that uncertainty in mind, I saw the weight and the fact that a few major and minor league catchers have been using this model. That was enough to give it a try. I haven't used it yet in a game but the weight is ridiculous. It's hollow steel and the word is that it's more forgiving than titanium. My first impression was that it was made of soda can aluminum. You can find video of All-Star testing it's durability with an air gun set at major league speeds. I really like the delta harness and I think the cage's design is different and attractive as well as being possibly more effective in deflecting balls rather than absorbing impact from them because of the curvature of the frame and ears. I have a Wilson Chrome Moliben umpire mask with Vinyl pads and I can tell a marked difference on my head in weight. And I feel as though vision is better without sacrificing the deep, curved shape a proper catcher's mask should have. If you're weighing out options here, grab this one. You won't be sorry.

Good Mask


This is the lightest mask that all star has and its great when it comes to the weight. There is very low visibility to this mask and you can not put a sun visor in it like I had hoped.
I would not order this again, I'd get the heavier one.

Nice mask

By Agassiz Joe

My son wanted to try the more traditional mask and helmet catcher's combination. The mask is lightweight and has thick head straps that grip the half helmet. It's a good combination and he likes it better than the hockey style helmet. Just remember to order a throat protector--we forgot.

good product

By Marc

This mask is light, fit is perfect and comfortable. The straps are holding up well.